May 2018

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

The Stablewood Board of Directors believes that our neighborhood is the premier private and gated community in Houston and is dedicated to preserving the high standards and expectations of our residents. The Board of Directors' duties include being responsible for maintaining the streets and common grounds within Stablewood, managing the business affairs of the Association, and upholding the rules and regulations of the governing Stablewood documents. We have and still continue to work diligently to provide a neighborhood that is a safe and secure environment for our families.

We also welcome any input from our residents and will always consider your requests to improve the quality of life and security in the neighborhood. If you have any questions or comments concerning the Stablewood deed restrictions, design guidelines or operations of the subdivision, please do not hesitate to contact Maureen Barron, the property owners' liaison, at 713-302-6877. She can answer your questions or forward your comments /requests to the Board to ensure that due consideration is given and appropriate actions is taken. In addition, information relative to the neighborhood can be found on our web site at

Thank you for your continued support of the Association and your efforts to keep our neighborhood a great place to live.


Lester Smith, President
Bruce Baker
Caroline Esses
Bob Gray
Neeraj Parasher
Richard Strax
Valerie vonBerg

Stablewood Property Owners Association



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